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C.O.P.R.O. has decades of experience researching and investigating claims of paranormal activity. Using ethical protocol and procedures based upon science, we investigate paranormal claims via observation and on-site monitoring of the environment in which paranormal activity has been witnessed. We actively investigate, perform research, and consult with other professionals.

What We DO

We use equipment such as a trifield meter to detect and monitor activity, then we document our findings and present them to the clients who have contacted us for either research, consultation, or investigation into whatever paranormal activity they may be experiencing. 

From ghosts to ghouls, from UFOs to Big Foot, C.O.P.R.O. will research and investigate your claims into paranormal activity. In addition, we maintain a vast Library and database of paranormal research and investigations.

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Research\ Investigative\Consultation Paranormal Organization

Research investigates and consults on claims of paranormal phenomenon

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