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C.O.P.R.O is an organization of researchers who investigate all aspects of paranormal psychic phenomenon, and how it is integrated into the social structural orders of society. If the phenomenon be of the mind or of an outside supernatural factor other than mans own perceptions. Which is effecting the everyday life of individuals or groups of individuals. C.O.P.R.O. is the organization to call for assistance with such phenomenon.

C.O.P.R.O. is not a ghost hunting organization. Nor does it give ghost hunting tours to the public. Nor will it investigate places for the sole purpose of deeming a place haunted for media and advertisement motives of the owners of such properties.

C.O.P.R.O. will be part of charitable social work that is based upon the paranormal and history and folklore of areas where this is applicable.

C.O.P.R.O adheres to scientific and medical protocols unless what is being observed  does not fit into the frame work of modern day science. Then other alternatives are looked into of what is actually taking place within the clients lives.

C.O.P.R.O. does not charge for its services to the general public. Donations are accepted.


Welcome to the world of C.O.P.R.O.

C.O.P.R.O is now opening its doors for membership into the organization.

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